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Build Your Robot - STRATEC Internship 2019


STRATEC is looking for passionate students that are interested in building a robot.
During a 10 week period, you will develop new skills and implement your solutions in a cross-functional team, guided by a mentor.
Solve our challenge and win a fast pass for the interview. In the end, if you share our values we will give you the chance to join our team.


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"Crash Simulation in Automotive Development" - prezentare susținută de compania ARRK


Data: Vineri, 22.03.2019
Ora: 10:00-12:00
Sala: A 120, B-dul Muncii nr. 103-105


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Oferta de practica pentru studenti pe perioada verii la compania ARRRK


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Oferta de locuri de munca de la compania de recrutare Integra


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Oferta de angajare de la compania ARRK Cluj-Napoca


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Oferta de practica de la ARRK pentru 2018


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Ateliere de antreprenoriat FUTURE MAKERS. PREMII ÎN VALOARE DE 20.000 DE EURO.


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Compania TenarisSilcotub


Organizeaza vizita organizata in Zalau


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Compania BOSCH Cluj


Oferta de practica pentru CENTRUL DE INGINERIE (R&D) si FABRICA BOSCH


> Oferta de practica R&D

> Oferta de practica FABRICA BOSCH



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